Dynamic Automation was founded in Simi Valley, California in 1986 by an inventor and innovative machine builder. His focus on customer satisfaction and designing for maintainability and reliability set the stage for 13 years of steady growth.

In 1999, Dynamic Automation was purchased by Marc Freedman. Marc’s background in nuclear engineering brought a drive for innovation that led to significant strides in the company’s capabilities.

Following several years of strong growth, the search began for a larger facility in Simi Valley, which led to the purchase of a new industrial facility in 2008. By 2013, we outgrew this space and invested in an expansion project to a further build out our existing facility. The build out includes new offices designed to maximize engineering efficiencies. Enhancing the customer experience was a core focus during the expansion project, which included several new meeting spaces and a state of the art conference room. The facility upgrades will double the number of offices and conference rooms.