Turnkey Inspection System for San Diego Medical Device Company

From disposable products to laboratory instruments and life saving biopharmaceuticals, Dynamic offers a broad range of expertise in automating these complex manufacturing processes. Our turnkey manufacturing cells can process, assemble, test, inspect, and package a wide variety of products with incredible detail and regulatory reliability.

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At Dynamic Automation, we take pride in using the best technology to create and manufacture systems that produce the most efficient product for each client.

The machine seen below is a brief example of a system that automatically feeds in thousands of parts for a high precision medical device with turnkey inspection of defects and contaminants. High resolution line scan machine vision systems from COGNEX are used along with high precision part handling systems to effectively produce products at a faster rate without defect. Allowing faster production, cost optimization, and improved quality – the designated engineers are able to focus on quality assessment, procedures and regulations tailored to your process needs.

Dynamic Automation engineers, designs, fabricates and programs turnkey automation equipment for the medical device, pharmaceutical, aerospace, precision plastics and life sciences industries. We cater to the manufacturing process and needs of the client to tailor the needs of each project. Equipment includes:

Automated Assembly Equipment: specialized in aerospace, automotive, medical manufacturing

Robotic Integration: high speed assembly for major leading computer and car suppliers

Automated Inspection Systems: technical and tested for accurate reporting and diagnostics

Automated Laser Marking and Direct Part Marking Systems: machine vision inspection in all aspects of labeling and data tracking codes

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The medical device industry is an important component of San Diego’s burgeoning life sciences cluster. San Diego’s medical device ecosystem has rapidly expanded, with products and technologies spanning a wide range of applications including diagnostics, sleep aids, glucose monitors, and spinal implants, to name a few. We understand the growing regulatory pressures of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Our engineers’ knowledge and expertise for effectively designing and building validatable and automated manufacturing lines will help you succeed by reducing costs, risks, and your product’s time-to-market.

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